Beignets for Breakfast is a beautiful and colorful tribute to our city through the eyes of our children. I am blessed to call New Orleans home and to raise my daughter in a city with so much love, culture, and tradition. The story and illustrations of Jeanette Weiland and Allison Lemon take you on a journey through all of the things we hold near and dear. This book serves as a reminder to not only cherish our city, but also to continue to make it the best home for our children and all who live here.
— LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans
Beignets for Breakfast sweetly touches on the favorite food and cultural traditions New Orleans families uniquely enjoy. What beautiful memories these customs represent! My parents introduced them to my sister and me, and I relished passing them along to my kids. Of course, there’s Red Beans and Rice Mondays, King Cake for Carnival, Snowballs in summer, and one of my favorites, Cafe du Monde (day or night) for beignets.
— Dickie Brennan, Owner and Managing Partner of Dickie Brennan & Company, is a trained chef and third generation New Orleans restaurateur of the renowned Brennan family.
Just the way I see and remember all my life - this wonderful colorful life we have here in NOLA…The thoughtful rhyming verse by Jeanette Weiland feels personal and speaks to young and old alike. Share this book with old friends, it brings back beautiful memories - it will surely touch your heart as it did mine. A must for all!
— Johnny Vidacovich, Jazz drummer who has risen to national treasure status over his four-decade career. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA.
Childhood in New Orleans is the time when the city weaves its magic on your heart, when you become an intimate and vital part of traditions and rituals that make you belong to her forever. Beignets for Breakfast is a delightful exploration of that magic, creating an enchantment of its own...especially for those luckiest among us who know what it is to call New Orleans home!
— Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, Mother, daughter, wife, educator, event producer, spoken word artist, and community servant who leads the place-based community development of the City's historic African-American neighborhoods, focusing on economic opportunity and cultural preservation.
This book perfectly captures the sense of joie de vivre that we all feel and the curious rituals and traditions that we all share. Children who grow up in New Orleans carry memories of those moments into adulthood and make them part of their lives wherever they find themselves as adults.
— Allison Stewart, Artist and co-founder of KIDsmART, a Louisiana non-profit that teaches under-resourced children in Orleans Parish important life lessons through art activities.
Jeanette Weiland’s Beignets for Breakfast evokes childhood memories of visiting my grandparents in New Orleans, a big treat for me when I was young. We never missed Morning Call where many native New Orleanians went for beignets and cafe au lait. Then, they lost their lease and moved to Fat City. The Severn Avenue location looked just like the inside of their original, iconic French Quarter space with wonderful marble counters and many mirrors. When we headed back upriver after our visits, we always detoured to Fat City and got one last order of beignets.
— Angele Parlange, Author of Creole Thrift: Premium Southern Living Without Spending A Mint (Harper Collins). Through her rich association and heritage she is the epicenter of a lively design, art, and style scene.